Friday, February 10, 2012

Table Photos

Feels like I haven't had a lot to show for recent work. I suppose it is true with the chair and sofa not yet complete with upholstery. Well here is that table I put together after the sofa.

Highly Shaker inspired but through my own/"Krenovian" eyes and hands. If it were not going to Rustica Bakery I may have thinned down some of the proportions, but I feel I mostly achieved what I was aiming for considering the space.

I had two pairs of stretchers to choose from. A pair with fairly clean straight grain or these pieces with highly curved grain and one with a small group of knots. I liked the more "figured" pair for a bit of more visual interest in a fairly simple form.
The problem was that I wanted to keep all my components straight. With this much curve, keeping the stretcher straight it would visually sag with an optical illusion. What I did in this case was curve the stretcher's tops and bottoms with perhaps a 1/16" amplitude trying to lift the visual sag yet maintain a fairly straight looking component.
Did it work?

There we have it. I don't know when I'm going to get this to the bakery. Hopefully within the next week. I could really use the space in the shop ;).
Speaking of, It seems I may be having a little lag time in starting the next project. I'm aiming to make a liquor cabinet specifically geared towards whiskey and perhaps other brown liquors. Perhaps out of Walnut and Oak, again ha. I can't seem to get away from those for too long. I still have a cabinet out of Cherry in mind for sometime down the road, I haven't gotten any good cherry for it though!
Till next time!


Craig said...

Sweet table Nick. I like the strong look. It needs that for its intended use. Strong, yet nice fine lines. Nice job on the bread, too. May I have a slice? ― Craig

Jeff Branch said...

That is a really nice table. The end grain of the top looks art like. I like how you very lightly eased the edge. Well done.

Jason Herrick said...

Beautiful! Stunning. So simple, but so perfect.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Thanks Gentlemen!
I don't know about perfect, but there is the whole elegance in simplicity thing I keep hearing about.