Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Liquor Mock

After a few days of sitting around and thinking I'm happy to be working on a mock-up and design for a liquor cabinet geared towards brown liquor/whiskey.
One should be able to store 8 or 9 bottles with enough room to jostle them around a bit without much worry. Depending on the dimensions of bottles I imaging one could fit a couple more in. Perhaps a maximum of 3 deep and 4 across. Myself, I could imagine having 3-7 bottles which works out great because I like space.
On the right side there will be some glass storage with an adjustable shelf. Also a drawer for such things as a tasting journal, watch-glass covers, perhaps your Whiskey Bible, a towel/shammy? Whatever.
I'm wanting this cabinet high enough as to make use of it comfortable but low enough to use the top for service.

I'm looking to make the cabinet integrated with the stand in a way that I have seen before but have yet to make. The top of the "stand" will also be the bottom surface of the cabinet. This therefore has to be a veneer constructed cabinet. This gives me a chance to try another option I have yet to try. A different species of wood in the interior than the exterior.
I'm looking at a Walnut exterior and a White Oak interior. This plays on a couple of things. I'm aiming to make this a fairly masculine piece and play on the craftsmanship of the liquors them selves. What woods are typically regarded as more masculine than Walnut and oak? Also these liquors get their color and shades of flavors from Oak of course. Also the Oak will better illuminate the interior. Walnut? Well there's just something about oil finished Walnut that warms my blood a bit, like a nice glass of whiskey.

I have a feeling this is going to be another simple looking yet fairly tricky build. There are plenty of details and construction considerations to be pondered and re-pondered. Hopefully they wont keep me up too late at night.

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention that I should be bringing the table into it's home, Rustic Bakery tomorrow morning. I also work a closing shift there tomorrow. If you are perhaps interested, come in to see and use this table before it gets abused!

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