Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just a Little Scattered

Salutations again. Oh man, Not feeling I'm getting a lot of actual woodwork done lately... Photo shoot, photo post work, post card writing/design, this little flyer, delivery to the gallery... Alas it's all part of the one-man gig. Then again, it can also be interesting.
Here's a little flyer for the up-coming "First Thursday" at the Northrup King Building. Don't know how many folk viewing this blog are near the Minneapolis area but feel welcome to come by Thursday the 6th, see the new piece &/or heckle me ha.

Just took this cabinet to the gallery today and managed a little rearranging. I was looking to group all of my stuff together hopefully in a manner conductive to the pieces themselves within the boundaries of the tight space. There is a space in the back corner of the show space I thought would be nice. There isn't much there now and it's pretty spacious. Problem is that it's all the way in back so not as attractive to foot traffic. However I would be able to lay things out in similar ways they may appear in a home.
The director suggested the entry. I suppose it's a nice gesture having the first spot people see. However I've seen that the entry way is not a place that people linger. They step in and eyes grow wide wanting to see everything. Then it is just an after-thought on the way out, minds already turned off moving on to the next studio. All that and it's a smaller space. Baby steps I guess. Hopefully I will start to sell, then later we'll see heh.

Post card front and back. The text isn't finalized. This piece seems harder for me to write about than the last two cards. Hopefully I'll have something for the 6th.

Back to the Cherry cabinet. All this touch and go on other projects does not put me in a good state for focused work ha. I suppose it hasn't been the worst timing though. Wipe finish on the carcass and work on the computer till it's time for another coat.
This time 2 coats orange shellac, 2 coast extra blond, 1 wax.

Stuck together after glue-up!
It already has a nice color to it. It should age to a nice rich tone.
At the gallery today I noticed how nicely my Cherry Pedestal is aging. At first it was so close to the AD Maple I used for the top but now there is a clear distinction. A couple months ago it looked a bit gray, monotone, and a little drab. Now it's looking deeper, redder and... sexy?
I WAS going to use some of that same Maple I have left over but it doesn't look like it's going to work :(. The two clean pieces I have are too different in color/reflection, and they are too small to make up the back panel on each own. I think Kiln dried Maple is going to be too bright, to much contrast. Maybe it'll look stellar for a month but in a year... not for this piece. I have a lead on some more Maple. Hopefully it'll work out!


Jeff Branch said...

Believe me, I think furniture can look sexy. But, I won't comment further as I might incriminate myself.

Who did the flyer? Looks pretty professional.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Ha, sexellent.
I did the flyer, just a simple quick one really. I guess I do have years of viewing/making band/music flyers though ha.

Jason Herrick said...

I'm not even going to touch the sexy thing. :)

Nicholas, I hope your able to get your layout right for the event. Placement is pretty important. About 3 months ago, I put just one piece in an art exhibit at First Thursday here in Portland. Very funny story. The "art" event turned into a crazy party, and I spent more time removing empty beer cups from my bench, than I did answering questions about the "locally harvested sycamore." I thought my wife was going to kill the next person to use my bench for a coaster. Good news though?? The water-based conversion varnish I put on worked GREAT! :) I did get a couple gigs out of the event though, so all in all, worth it.

Keep us posted!

Happy New Year to you!

Nicholas Nelson said...

Jason - I hear ya on layout for sure. This isn't just my event though heh. I'm still in a gallery with a few other guys.
Ha good to hear about your finish AND gigs! Nice. People are pretty quite around here. Not a lot of questions or comments. Maybe the truly interested just don't often come in. You must know those monthly events... mostly used as "date night" ha.

Jason Herrick said...

Remind those on "Date Night"..... If you REALLLLLLLLLY love me...... And then, in walks you. :)