Friday, June 24, 2011

Back to Desk / Time on my Hands

Alright. You may have noticed that I have some time on my hands.
This is why heh. All this pre-finishing then waiting hours between 8 stages of glue-ups!
I try to be productive but it's the Minnesotan Summer which is short and erratic. When a couple nice days come around it gets difficult to keep ones nose to the grind stone.
The desk is coming along nicely it seems though.

The crossing clamp and "bracing stick" is simple insurance of the distance in front to keep my angles roughly true.

On an unrelated but geeky tangent...
Glass/beerware came to my step today!
I'm not really an excitable kind of guy but I can get excited about adding to my geekery. I'm pretty pumped to give these a go ;).
I figure a number of people out there, like me, like their beer. I also figure I'd give a "shout out" to for having a decent selection at decent prices. I am missing one or two styles I'd like to add to my disposal though heh.
(No I didn't build the dinning set heh. It's a set my parents got from a Danish store a number of years ago. Nice and quite though.)


csd_jr said...

The desk is lookin' sweet, Nicholas! Love all the posts, nice glassware too... St Paul Beer Fest is tomorrow!

Nicholas Nelson said...

Aww didn't get out to it. I was working the part-time all weekend :/.
How was it? Anything stand out?

csd_jr said...

The Fest was great! By far, the most 'interesting' beer (and presentation) was 21st Amendment's Salsa/Gazpacho Casked Watermelon Wheat Beer, served out of a watermelon. They casked some of their Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer with some cilantro and jalapenos. It was like drinking watermelon salsa. Someone said they thought of gazpacho, but whatever... Otherwise, the usual players were there, but underwhelming. My new fav brewery (aside from my brother's) is Brooklyn. Their Pennant Ale and Summer Ale are great. Tallgrass is pretty solid too (love their ALE and Buffalo Sweat - it's a porter). And they bottle them in pint cans, so I can take them anywhere. But after tasting so much beer, the flavors got a little lost halfway through. 70+ breweries is just too much! I'll have to pare down my drinking for the Highland Beer Dabbler next month.