Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nightstand/Side Table Mock-Up

Nightstand/Side Table mock-up complete!
I was/am surprised at how little I wanted to change from my sketches.
One thing I find tricky about this form is the "foot print" dimensions lets say... For the top to make a nicely functional top and say hold a decent sized lamp and have comfortable room for a glass or whatever, the piece gets pretty deep. Deeper than I would like if I was just looking at the interior space of the box. It starts to look quite cube-like. I could make it narrower or longer though I wouldn't want to add or subtract much. Hmmm. No more than 3/4" either way for functionality sake.

Kind of cute I'd say. By no means is this a spanking new form, of course not. I'm putting my hands, and eyes to it and I'd like to think it'll come out not QUITE like any other. Plus I have the option of tweaking things for certain applications if (hopefully) asked to reproduce this kind of piece. Same goes for the Frame-Top tables, though I feel those are a bit "tighter bound" by the amount going on in those pieces, which I don't see as a bad thing.

Ugh seems like I'm going to have to name this something. If you can't tell by what I call my other piece, I don't really like naming them heh. I already have a side table "design". I was going to call this a Nightstand though I think it could make a handy side table as well. Hmmm... Make it really "Danish" and call it "Side No. 02" or "Table No. 04" heh?


Jeff Branch said...

I like it. I made a side table for our family room and it turned out deeper than wide, but the goal was to max out the available space (taking in traffic patterns in the room, etc.). Cool base design.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Thank you sir. My other side tables are deeper than wide. I like this form better wide though.
They both make sense to me in their respective proportions :).

The little stands are pretty simple. Kind of cute. The leg joinery is actually angled around 2-3 degrees flared out from square :).

Jason Herrick said...

Neat little table!! Im glad to know that mock ups exhist in your shop too. Do you have an idea for a final material choice?

Nicholas Nelson said...

Ha yeah I mock everything up. Usually more extensively than necessary for most people... Guess I get scared to cut into that little bit of nice lumber I have heh.

Yes, this pair will have Euro Beech boxes and little Kwila Stands. I have a little plank of Kwila left that I think I can squeeze them out of. If not I have some off-cuts I can try to mix and match. I had though of getting domestic Beech but would have had to order it in. I like Euro Beech better (I think the lady would too) so I ordered that. Euro Beech is also in line with my "design nods" in the Danish/Scandinavian direction, which is also a nod to the client herself.
Thought of using Red Oak for the stand but it's just not dark enough for a decent contrast as Euro Beech has some pink in its cream.
I think this form could be successful in other species though. Even all one species depending.
Oh man, get me talking about wood... sorry heh.

Jason Herrick said...

No need to apologize. It's ok to actually like what your doing. :) I like design nod to the Euro folk. Know I also know who to contact next I need help with picking out materials. Cheers!