Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oil takes time

Ok. So the major joints have been cut and fit. I "whipped up" some rails that will be applied to the aprons which will correlate to the horizontal drawer pocket division in the front of the desk (the bottom of the drawer pocket).
Nick B, you'll notice this ha you did something like it on your hall table :P.

Before those little rails are applied I'm going to pre-finish the face of the apron and rail along with the little step corner of the rail. This way I don't have to deal with trying to put finish along corners. However, oil TAKES TIME to dry so it will be a bit of a process.
I'm changing up my oil concoction a bit. I took out the 1/3 plain tung oil and am just thinning down Original Waterlox by 1/3. I figure the desk is something I want a little more "heafty" finish on. That's not to say "thick" though. I'm also not planing on using wax to simplify any touch ups in the desk's hopefully long future.
Ha if only I got paid for product placement.
With this cut of finish I'm finding 24 hours between coats to be alright for the first 3. I though about finishing with the 4th and last coat without thinning the oil. It has been about a day and a half and needs more time. I'm not thrilled about how it's looking but what can ya do but wait for it to dry enough to work with. So I'll see how it goes and see what I can do.

So I've had some time on my hands. I made a bit of a story-stick for the drawer pocket and got going on the web-frame.
Here is the mortise side of a couple slip-tenon frame joints.

And then there's the frame members for the pocket partitions.

Poof! Gluing up the middle pieces to the front horizontal piece. This will just make life a little easier when gluing the whole frame up.

Now what? Well I suppose I can get a start on some initial leg shaping!

Work is a little here and there at the moment but at least things are starting to look less like random boards!


Nick Brygidyr said...

hah, you're doing the cute little coves on your rails? i think it's an awesome little detail and adds that little pow pow to the piece ;)

Nicholas Nelson said...

No coves that I know of, just steps.

Jason Herrick said...

Very cool. It's so fun watching this thing go together.

mckenzie said...

your work is outstanding, keep it coming.