Monday, June 20, 2011

work work aaaaand more prefinishing

Okie dokie. The pre-finishing from last time had been completed. I glued on the little rails to my aprons and then needed to trim them flush. For the end grain I used a block plane and clamped on a backer block as to not blow out fibers upon exiting the end grain plane strokes. I simply used the angles of the ends themselves to guide my cuts.

It was also time to make a cut that I have been a little scared of. Make the top of the front legs square. Initial cut was on the band saw then I took a plane iron and small mallet for chopping and slicing them clean, neat, and accurately. Wasn't actually as scarey as I thought though it was good to pay extra attention to.

Again involving these little "ramps". Plane the ramp down flush to the inside Oak pieces. Again, the only reason I have these little ramps is that they are a part of my drawer pocket. I want a "seamless" joint between these pieces as to not interfere with the workings of the drawers.

Leg pillowing! Feels like I haven't made legs in a while. I forgot how much time it takes to nicely pillow a leg. This is possibly why it is among the first things to leave a "krenovian's" work when trying to make ends meet.
It is a detail. To some perhaps a small detail. To me, however, I feel it makes a big impact in my work. I find that this detail is rarely specifically pointed out but contributes to an overall effect/"aura" of the pieces. They simply wouldn't feel or be the same piece without it. For now I will stubbornly "stick to my guns".

All surfaces and edges refined and preped... More pre-finishing.
I do have a little work I could do for some of the interior parts though I think I will save that as something to do while the assembly is happening after finishing is done. It will be a pretty major assembly being completed in a number of stages... I'll have time.

For now I may use some time to get a head start on a full scale drawing and maybe mock-up of the next project among other things none woodworking on my plate.

The next project I'm looking at is a pair of nightstands for a lovely talented little Scandinavian blooded gal whom I will be bartering for logo/web design and branding work.
Found this photo in a google image search. I quite like the concept and overall design/proportions and is vaguely similar to the Oak Wall piece I finished not too long ago... that is to say an open box heh not a huge leap. Well I'm looking at taking this piece as inspiration for a nightstand/side table "NN adaptation".
The "box" will be of Euro Beech and I hope to make little stands of Kwila.

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lu2 said...

Do you remember where you found this? Was actually looking for something just like this but google image search is not helping.