Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Maple Showcase Photos

Air Dried Maple, Kwila, Kiln Dried Maple, Olive.

This photo shoot seemed to go better. Perhaps I'm getting a little hang of this? Ha not crossing my fingers.
Thanks again to Craig and Carol Johnson for lending me their lights! Lights of my own are on my list I promise heh.
After last time I figured it was better to use a higher ISO level to get brighter though slightly more grainy photos than smoother dark ones. For use on the internet it is basically no visible difference in grain but in print I suspect there will be.
Haven't messed around with them too much in post but don't think they'll need much work.

All the glass in this piece presented some lighting problems as I figured it would. I tried to get around them the best I could but there's only so much I can do in a smallish cluttered space.
Also the size of this cabinet wouldn't allow me to get full landscape shots which is what my website is based on as my backdrop is too narrow :/. I'm going to have to figure something out...

The Olive has mellowed out a bit. They will get a fair amount darker but I had to get the shoot in to be able to get other things lined up to put this guy in the Gallery come Jan.

Grain whoopty-doo :).

Mmmm dovetails... heh.

Steps and curves.

And back to the first shot without contents.


Jeff Branch said...

Beautiful work. Great wood color and very graceful lines.

. said...

yet another gorgeous piece Nick. Very elegant.

Jason Herrick said...

This is a beautiful project. Well done!! Your blog and website are first rate!!!!

Look forward to following you in the future.


Nicholas Nelson said...

Thank you much sirs!

Greetings Jason. I love Portland! When I was finishing IP I had sent a couple emails to shops down there looking for work, I believe The Joint was one... didn't get anything in return though.
I Enjoy the 19th photo in your cabinet section. Is it Fir? A lovely clean and modern take on a lovely wood with not the best connotations... a new look at an old wood, nice.
You're so lucky to be in a city of wood and beer haha.

Jason Herrick said...

I too love Portland! I am about 3 minutes away from The Joinery. I almost ended up working there as well when I first moved to town. This town is off the charts with good food, beer, spirits, wood, and all around cool folk. I am very lucky to be here.

Indeed, the cabinets you speak of are fir. The floor is 100 year old Hemlock. Very few people can tell the difference. Fir has a bit more of the salmon/red color to it. The homeowner had put down little pieces of blue tape on the floor and said, "We want THAT color in the cabinets." In the end, all were happy. Thanks for taking the time to go through my site.

Have a great holiday! Looks like the two of us have much in common.


RJB said...

Your work is certainly something to aspire to. I hope to be able to do half blinds half as good as you do.