Friday, December 10, 2010

Moving On Again - Cherry Display Cabinet

Now that the usual trouble with glass is out of the way (this time the shelf edges were not polished) I can move on from the showcase until I'm ready for photos.
Yay! My paper work finally has a home beyond a drawer in my room ha.

I've been wanting to frame these since I came back (May 2009) but have been so busy with other work.
MCTC, IP, and my IP class photo :). I still want to make a little shelf for my JK Plane but will leave that for next break maybe.
Love those little steps, I can't get away from them now.

I already can't remember the grass and the cool fall nights. The snow and cold is a familiarity I wish to depart from. Shivering mornings combated by the dry heat of a small electric radiator. I need to adjust the drawers in the Maple Showcase as they swelled just a little being moved upstairs.

Next up is a wall hung display cabinet in AD Cherry!
For those in the "Krenov circle" this kind of cabinet is not new. A form so simple and elegant is bound to be come to by a variety of people independently, and one may expect, be repeated.
I love this form and have been waiting for a good time to build one. The specifics and details will vary with the voices of the lumber and maker. It is not and perhaps cannot be an exact "replica" of an existing piece.
The Cherry lumber has already put in a request: smallish. This is the best plank of cherry out of a small flitch and still has some defects to be weary of. I think I will go for about 1/2" bigger in height and width than the mock-up.

Also this time I'll be using a French Cleat to hang the cabinet due to the properties of the wall it is to go on. A cleat is easy enough but what gets to me a bit is the space needed in the back of the cabinet. One might say that an extra 3/8" or so is no big deal. Sure, but with a small cabinet that amount can be somewhat significant in a visual sense. I'm pretty into stripping down to "essential" space and size. The problem is that the "show space" (interior) of the cabinet may feel slightly small if I make the carcass the size I see fit, or the carcass might seem a little deep to get the show space I feel good with.
Currently I'm siding on the show space side. Probably because of a drive for function I tend to have.


Ian Crosby said...

That's a great way to frame never occurred to me to make picture frames like that.

The steps are sweet, first thing I noticed when I saw the photo...really says hand-made.

Looking forward to your reveal.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Yeah, more interesting than a mitered frame. The miter frame is way faster and easier to make however. Giving the subject of the frames I figure this was a good way to go ha.

Uhh I just want those pulls to not be so yellow!

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